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General Folwell Support

Folwell Site and Drupal Core

The current Folwell website was built before the Folwell components were available in Drupal core. Because of this, the pages on the site do not use core components and are not built using Layout Builder.

UR is working to reconstruct the site using core components and Layout Builder. 

Component Usage Instructions

Visit specific component pages to get instruction for using a Folwell component in Drupal 8. If something isn’t working right, let us know.

If you’re using Folwell components from the Pattern Library, be sure to get the Pattern Library Assets Repo from GitHub. These assets work in combination with the HTML and Twig code found on the Pattern Library.

Component Requests, Enhancements, and Bugs

Go to the Feedback page to submit a request for a new component that you'd like to have added to the theme. The feedback mechanism, called Canny, is also the place to request and enhancement for an existing component or to report a bug with a component.

Component Accessibility

Each component has been tested for accessibility before it’s added to the theme. This means that the component, as designed and coded, is accessible out of the box. Changes made to the component design, code, and content may affect the accessibility of the component. You should always test your site for accessibility before launching.

Use the resources on the Accessible U site to find our more about website accessibility.

Consult with the Disability Resource Center to ensure your site meets the University's accessibility requirements.


Work with University Relations on a brand identity and a secondary color palette. Contact via

Meet University web requirements.

Stay Connected

Folwell Web Theme User Group

Are you using the Folwell theme or thinking about it? The Folwell Web Theme User Group is your best source for theme updates and announcements. The group encourages peer support and discussion about the theme.

Join the Folwell Web Theme User Group

UMN Digital Accessibility

Interested in ensuring your work is accessible?

Join the UMN Digital Accessibility Google group. It is a diverse group focused on improving web and tech accessibility across the University.

Communication Blog

Subscribe to the Communication Blog for ongoing information and guideline updates related to web branding and communications at the University.

Have component questions or feedback?


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