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Folwell is the web theme packaged with any new Drupal 8 Enterprise sites. The components included provide a foundation for University of Minnesota units to more quickly build consistent yet unique websites.

Five Key Benefits of Folwell

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User Friendly

It’s easier to use websites with consistent design, navigation schemes, and behaviors. With Folwell, usability testing is done before new components are released, which allows units to focus some of their usability time on other priorities.

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Cost-effective and Efficient

University units will be able to tap into a comprehensive web theme that will greatly save development and design time, reducing the amount of money spent on contracting for web services.

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Website accessibility is a priority on the University campus. Theme components are designed to be accessible out of the box. Appropriate implementation of the components and use of the guidelines on the Accessible U website will help units maintain site accessibility.

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Folwell is packaged with any new Drupal 8 site. It serves as the base theme for Drupal and Drupal Lite. If you aren't developing in Drupal, the Pattern Library provides the code you need to develop an HTML site or to develop on other platforms.

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Perception Enhancing

A consistent appearance across University sites will help inspire confidence in the institution and strengthen site visitors' positive perceptions of the University.