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About Folwell


Folwell is an evolving design system made up of modular components that can be combined in numerous ways to make creative and consistent University websites.

Folwell is designed with your needs in mind. That means every unit on every campus at the University of Minnesota can use Folwell.

Folwell as a Foundation

Imagine building a house. You need to first build the foundation and the structural support; for example, the frame and the roof trusses. Also, you want all the same type of windows for consistency.

Folwell is the equivalent for your website. The site identity, navigation, and other components provide the foundational elements needed to start building your unit's website. Having foundational, common components available out of the box will reduce time and money spent on design and development.

Built with Flexibility in Mind

Folwell has been built to work with any content management system (CMS). Whether you are using Drupal, Wordpress, HTML, or another CMS, you can pick and choose which components meet your needs by using the Pattern Library

Enterprise Drupal 8

Folwell is packaged with your Enterprise Drupal 8 site. You can use it as designed, or add your own customizations to work with your unit's identity.  

Drupal Lite 8

Folwell is the base theme for Drupal Lite 8. 

Pattern Library

The Pattern Library provides the code for each component in both HTML and Twig. This allows you to use the components on CMS platforms other than Drupal and makes the code available to units across all University of Minnesota campuses. 

The Pattern Library is based on what's known as Atomic Design. It uses a combination of atoms and molecules to create more complex organisms.

A single style (atom) may be combined in numerous ways to form more complex components. 

Design Principles

All components are designed with the following principles in mind.


By keeping design elements minimal, the Folwell theme allows content to stand out. Minimal and consistent design elements fall into the background for visitors, allowing for easier website navigation and comprehension.


Across devices and platforms, the Folwell theme adapts to provide an excellent experience for visitors. Units can select theme components to work with their own brands and content, while providing consistent elements across the University’s ecosystem.


The Folwell theme is inclusive, accessible, and usable, and provides an equal experience for all people.