Provide Feedback

Your feedback regarding Folwell features and functionality can influence the path we take to expand the theme.

Folwell is a collaborative project, built with input from the University community. Whether you are a designer, developer, communicator, or staff member maintaining a site, your feedback is extremely important to build on and improve Folwell.

We're using a tool called Canny to manage feedback and feature requests. You will be prompted to create an account in order to submit a feature request or comment on a proposed or in-progress feature.

Feedback Login

Choose the Google icon to log into Canny with your University gmail account.

Submit a Feature Request

Use the form below to submit a new Folwell component request. Your submission will be live as soon as you hit the "Submit" button. Component requests will be reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of the University web community. 

Review Component Criteria

Submit an Enhancement

Use the feature request to submit an enhancement for an existing component in the Folwell theme by including "Enhancement:" in the component name field and include the exact name of the component along with a description of your enhancement request.

Submit a Bug

Use the feature request to submit a bug in the Folwell theme by including "Bug Report:" in the component name field.

Comment or Vote on Components

Click on any component that is under review, planned, or in progress to give us your thoughts about the component. Click on the gray triangles next to a component to show your support for the development of that component.