Governance and Process

Folwell Governance

The Folwell Web Theme is an evolving design system made up of modular components that can be combined in numerous ways to make creative and consistent University websites.

To manage the theme, the Folwell Governance Committee (FGC) was established. The mission of the FGC is to inform and advance the development and use of the Folwell Web Theme. The FGC accomplishes this by reviewing the component needs and use cases submitted by the University community, by researching and following best practices in usability and accessibility, and by understanding and use of emerging technologies.

The FGC relies on the expertise of staff systemwide to thoughtfully assess requested components, make recommendations for their design and development, and actively promote the use of the theme to University units.

The FGC is made up of a Working Group and a Steering Committee. The FGC meets monthly as needed.

Governance Process

The process for selecting, developing, approving, and testing new Folwell components takes approximately 4 to 5 months, depending on the complexity of the component.

Folwell governance graphic

For more information, see the full Folwell Governance Charter and detailed process.