Link List


There are two options for adding the Folwell link list to a page.

Option 1: WYSIWYG (Folwell CKEditor)

  1. Create a bulleted list using the WYSIWYG (Folwell CKEditor) and then add a link to each list item.
  2. Highlight the bulleted list and apply the Link List style from the Styles dropdown.
  3. The link list component will be added to your page.

Option 2: Layout Builder

You can add a link list in layout builder using an inline block.

  1. Go to your node and click the Layout button.
  2. Click the Add block link on the layout section where you want to place the link list.
  3. Under the Choose a block section, click Create custom block.
  4. Under the Add a new Inline Block section, click Folwell Component.
  5. Under the configure block modal window, choose Add Folwell Link List from the Folwell components dropdown, and then click the Add Block button.
  6. Link list should be available on your block.
Best Practice

Link lists should be used whenever you have more than five consecutive links in a list.

  • Using a different design from text links, link lists are easy to scan.
  • Link names should be fairly short—two to four words.
  • Consider using columns for long lists of links.

The Folwell link list style makes large-target links that are easy to hit with a finger on mobile. Users are able to tab through links.

  • Make sure that the list items are actually contained within one list.
  • Check to make sure that spacing does not break a list into multiple individual points.
  • For more information about making accessible lists, see the Accessible U website.